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Wisconsin Roofing Contractor

Your roof is a must do! Every day we drive to the jobsite and on the way we see many roofs that need to be replaced. Many people seem to forget that even a little leak, can cause a lot of damage to the inside of your home, and add to the cost of what was once just a new roof.

B&H Builders performs all the duties related to roofing. We remove and dispose of all the old shingles with our dump trailer. There is no need for you to have a dumpster sitting in your driveway for a week after we finish the job. When we are done with your roof the garbage comes with us, so you don't have the eyesore of a dumpster. While on the roof B&H Builders will check for any bad spots in the sheeting or shingle tin area and replace if needed.

There are many styles and colors for your roof in today's era. Shingles also come in many life expectancies, but typically they are now lifetime limited. B&H Builders will also vent your peak if needed, so your attic can breathe for many years to come. We also take pride in keeping your yard clean when roofing; we do a cleanup many times throughout the day, and will not leave at the end of the day until everything is cleaned up. When B&H Builders leaves, you can rest assured B&H Builders has left your home with the highest quality roofing out there!

Steel Roofing Contractor

Steel roofs used to be solely installed on commercial and barn roofs. It is a new age, and steel roofs are becoming a big part of the residential world! Steel roofs come in many forms from shingle, pro-lock plus, to standing seam. Choosing a steel roof also means that you have many colors to choose from. Pro-lock plus gets screwed to the sheeting/roof on the outside, as standing seam has a hidden fastener so you will never see any screws in it. With the rising petroleum prices, shingle prices are on the rise; making a steel roof a possible choice for the roof on your home. Contact us today to get a roofing estimate.

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